Hi there! I’m Rach and I help adults learn to play basketball for fun and fitness.

I’m here to help you finally play basketball (after years of wishing you did).

Are you worried about having left it too late? Concerned that your fitness isn’t where it was 10 years ago? Confused by the rules and basketball lingo?

Then you are in the right place! I’m an exercise scientist who started playing basketball in my 30s, and I’ve got the workouts, tutorials, and advice you need to get you ready for your first game.

You’re not alone.

A lot of us dropped out of sport as teenagers and have struggled to recreate the mixture of enjoyment, accomplishment and fitness that comes with playing basketball.
I was in your shoes a few years ago- full of excitement and anticipation at the idea of playing basketball in my 30s, but feeling intimidated and terrified as hell!.
Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to reignite your long lost passion for sports, I know my story will resonate with you. So, keep reading!

I loved playing sports as a kid and I’d love to get back in shape playing sport again

At Kind of Sporty, we offer you

Tailored Training

Beginner-friendly basketball workouts designed by a fully qualified exercise scientist to get you prepared for the game.

No-Fuss Fundamentals

Short bite-sized tutorials covering the rules and lingo you need to know before you hit the court.

Supportive Community

The vibe at Kind of Sporty is very friendly, we’re all there to learn and have fun; no egos here!

Expert Advice

Discover the best strategies to fuel your body, reduce your risk of injuries, and what to do when (not if) they occur.

Beginner-Friendly Content

Find relatable and practical advice, and the occasional meme, created specifically for you!

Ditch the boring fitness classes that don't excite you and start having fun on the court again, you already know you’re going to love it!

Join Kind of Sporty today and Enjoy

Access training programs and tutorials that are specifically designed for beginners on their basketball journey

Engage with a supportive community of normal people who are kind of sporty, just like you!

Receive regular updates and tips to fuel your journey to the basketball court

Kind of Sporty is more than just a YouTube channel or an Instagram page. It’s a community and a place where busy people can find the support, knowledge, and encouragement to play the game they’ve wanted to for years. It’s a great place to start. Are you ready?


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